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5 Websites You Should Know for Photoshopping Your Architectural Plans

Photoshopping your architectural drawings is an everyday work which is often done under time pressure. What if you need to find the right texture, trees or cut out people for your design? The following 5 websites will help you a lot when you want to enhance your 2D plans with photoshop. You will find everything you need like textures, patterns, people etc. in case you do not have a large staffage library in your office.

This website is great for patterns and textures. Download any pattern for free as a png file. You can build your own photoshop pattern stamp with it and start texturing floor plans, elevations or sections. If you want to have all patters at ones you could buy the photoshop plugin for $ 11.99 and install them right into your photoshop.

The probably largest website for textures on the web. They have great photo material and you could use the textures for 2D and 3D work. It is mainly build for rendering material you could use in 3DStudio or Cinemax4D. They nearly cover every texture style you could imagine. Bricks, Concrete, Wood, Metal, the list goes on forever.

Cut out people for your plans and renderings. And very hip looking! Just right click on the person you want to download and pick save as. They come in png format with a transparent background. You could easily drag and drop them into your perspectives, elevations and sections.

Need a color concept? Just browse to kuler and play around with the color wheel. In the first place it seems to be more as a resource for graphic designer and web designer. But if you want to render your plans with special colors and you are not sure which colors are matching right to each other this page is really helpful. Furthermore you could use to develop color concepts for your CI, your plan layouts or your portfolio.

Gobotree is a huge photography database which is great for cut out trees. If you want to use trees in your sections and elevations or a perspective this is the resource you search for. Just type “trees” in the search bar and you will find a huge selection to choose from. All cut out and ready to to use.

I hope this websites will help you while photoshopping cool looking plan designs. Please tell me what resources and tricks you use here in the comment section. I am looking forward to your response.